Men's mental fitness

Being the 'strong, silent type' isn't working anymore.

It’s time for men to start opening up and talking. 

Unlocking You Counselling is a passionate advocate for helping men challenge traditional expectations, get connected and develop the skills to be better friends, husbands, fathers and community members. 

Toxic masculinity

As well as its obvious impacts on women, toxic masculinity hurts men. The expectation to be the strong and silent type, never back down from a fight and adopt traditional masculine stereotypes has led to significant men’s mental health issues and a reluctance to ask for help. 

At Unlocking You, we want to be part of changing how we talk about being a man. 

Mental Fitness

When it comes to physical fitness, men are often more forgiving. We can brush off a bad workout at the gym knowing that over time, consistent exercise and healthy eating will keep us in shape. 

Unlocking You can help get you in the positive and  consistent pattern of self-talk and beliefs that will get you mentally and emotionally strong over the long term. 

Suicide prevention

Six men take their lives everyday in Australia and Lifeline estimates that unknown suicide attempts could be as many as 65,000 per year.

As the leading cause of death among men aged 15-44, the ripple effect of one suicide touches an average of 135 people. 

Unlocking You is committed to being a leading voice in suicide prevention and support. 

If you need immediate support call Lifeline on 13 11 14 


Brad is on the committees for a number of local organisations that support men building healthy relationships in community. 

His work with Barstool Brothers and #talk2mebro helps to build positive, supportive networks among men with weekly walks, ice-baths, sporting outings and other events designed to help all men. 

Unlocking You believes that better mental fitness equals stronger community. 

"It's ok to say that things aren't going well. You don't have to do it alone."

Brad Romaniszyn

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