About Brad

Since 2012, Brad has been helping people deal with the big issues. You name it; falling grades at school, relationship difficulties, stalled careers or just general unhappiness.

Now an accredited counsellor who is registered with the Australian Counselling Association, Brad has an interest in helping people unlock their potential to lead more meaningful lives. And often, he says, that starts with their thinking.

“One of the main issues that gets people stuck and prevents them from leading happier lives is self-talk and patterns of thinking,” Brad says. “The first thing you have to understand is that it is possible to change your ideas about yourself and live above your circumstances.”

Brad says it’s normal to face challenges from time to time and encourages people to reach out if they are not coping with big emotions or circumstances.

“Look, everyone gets stuck from time to time,” he says. “But having the courage to ask for a bit of help can go a long way. Sometimes we are not aware that we are stuck in a pattern of our own thinking that is unhelpful. Put up your hand when big life changes come so that you can embrace life’s challenges with confidence.”

He says that the Covid-19 pandemic has meant many people are facing unwelcome changes they never anticipated and this has caused them to rethink their priorities.

“One of the main issues that gets people stuck and prevents them from leading happier lives is self-talk and patterns of thinking,”

“There is so much uncertainty around and that can bring on an anxiety of its own. Schools have been disrupted, jobs have been lost and the world is changing,” he says, encouraging people who are struggling with these changes to get in touch.

Brad says he is constantly encouraged by the capacity of his clients to find the resilience to unlock what is inside them, and that asking the right questions to get answers to difficult challenges is a skill he has honed over a long time.

“No one knows you like you know yourself,” says Brad. “You are the expert on you. Whether you come to counselling to heal or grow or thrive, often the answer is locked inside you. We help you unlock that.” 

Brad uses a variety of counselling tools to help his clients explore their own thoughts and patterns of behaviour.

“Of course, every client is different. So, it’s important to really listen so I can help people move past disappointments or difficult experiences, or to grow in areas that will allow them to think more clearly and maintain healthy and positive relationships.”  

Brad is a Certified Counsellor who is registered with the Australian Counselling Association and verified by Psychology Today