Unlocking You Counselling

be your best you

At Unlocking You Counselling we understand that everyone gets a little stuck from time to time.

Big and unexpected experiences can bring big emotions. Setbacks are normal. But they should be temporary and they shouldn’t derail us.

In fact, we think they might just be a gift.

At Unlocking You Counselling, we believe feeling stuck is an invitation to explore our thinking and self-talk, our relationships and work, or our understanding of ourselves.

Thank you for dropping by

I’m Brad Romanisyzn, and I have been helping people through life’s challenges since 2012. In 2020 I left school teaching to establish Unlocking You Counselling – with the firm belief that you know you best. 

I’m focused on helping with some of the general challenges we all face: difficulties at school, communication problems with partners, or just general unhappiness. I’ve also discovered a real joy in the place of a counsellor in the workplace. 

You can read more about what I do on this site. I hope to see you soon. 

Our Services

Relationship Counselling

Build a strong, healthy future with the one you love by learning the communication skills, attitudes and the power of the ‘little things’ to get your relationship back on track and flourishing. 

Mens Mental Health

Brad is a passionate advocate for men’s mental health, suicide prevention and community support programs.

With an office at the Illawarra Hotel, it has never been easier to access his services if you just need someone to talk to.

Workplace EAP

Fight burnout, stress and absenteeism with an Unlocking You Counselling Employee Assistance Program for as little as $12 per month, per employee.


Build the resilience and skills to cope with the transition to adulthood so that you can flourish at work and at home. 

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